Christopher attended Drury College in Springfield, Missouri and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1996.  In the summer of 1996, fresh out of college, Chris suffered a severe hand injury and the subsequent infection required hospitalization.  Chris was told if surgery was not done immediately, he would lose his hand and possibly his life.  This injury was his first introduction to how important private healthcare insurance was to an individual.  After several surgeries and months of physical therapy Chris made a complete recovery and joined the United States Navy in May 1997.

He was commissioned through Officer Candidate School in August 1997 as an Ensign in the active duty service.  In the Navy, he deployed three times to the Middle East and was actively involved in anti-terrorism and naval coastal warfare, protecting the sea lanes and high value assets transiting the Persian Gulf in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.  In 2003, he became a reservist in the Navy until he was recalled to active duty in 2006.  As a reservist, he balanced the small business needs of a stock broker and the military obligation to the nation.  He was able to help several families plan for their financial future by applying conservative principles to protect and grow portfolios.

In 2009, he transitioned from a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy to a Major in the United States Army Military Intelligence Corps.  In the Army, he deployed one final time to the Middle East in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.  In 2009, while stationed St. Louis, Missouri, Chris met his fiancé, Jennifer, and they were married in October 2010.  In November 2015, after almost 18 years of combined service in the United States Military, he retired as a Major.

During his military career he served as Division Officer, Department Head, Operations Officer, Special Projects Officer, Executive Officer, Joint Intelligence Staff Officer, and a Chief of Staff.  His personal military awards include two Military Meritorious Service Medals, three Joint Commendation Medals, one Navy Commendation Medal, one Army Achievement Medal, and two Navy Achievement Medals.


Chris is 42 years old and lives in Bloomfield Township with his wife Dr. Jennifer Morse and their dog, Scout.  Chris spent some of his happiest holiday memories in the Michigan home his grandmother built in 1955, the same house in which he and his wife now reside.  Chris is a believer in “American Muscle” and quality.  Nothing represented that better than his dream car, the Dodge Viper, which he was able to purchase in 2009, after several years of saving.  In recent years, he has taken on woodworking as a hobby.  Below is a flag case with certificate that Chris built for his neighbors.  The gift was for a neighbor in appreciation for supporting his wife while Chris was deployed in Afghanistan shortly after his wedding.  Chris also spends time researching and has archived his family history back several generations.

Pictures of Christopher Morse in uniform do not imply any endorsement by the US Army, US Navy, or the Department of Defense.